If you are submitting a color ad, go to 4-color digital files.

For B&W ads please provide your ARTWORK in the following format:

PhotoShop (version 6 or higher)
- TIFF or JPG  files saved at 300dpi 
- Make sure your file is GRAYSCALE and the right size (at 300 dpi).
- Ad should not be bigger than 40 megs. Please size your art accordingly.
- TIFF or JPG files can be e-mailed.

1- Double check that size and, if applicable, the bleed of your ad is correct.
2- Name the ad with the client name (e.g., ABC_Records_Ad.jpg).
3- If using PC format for PhotoShop, please save your work as a "Mac" formatted tiff file.
4- When E-mailing the file, please write "AD ARTWORK" on the subject line. This will drop your file in the right folder on our end.
5- Please indicate the application and version your ad was created in.

1/6 Page = 2.0 wide X 4.5 high (horizontal)
1/4 Page = 3.25" wide X 4.5" high (vertical)
1/2 Page = 4.5" high X 7.0  wide (horizontal)
1/2 Page =3.25" wide X 9.5 high (vertical)

Full Page  (non-bleed) = 7.0 X 9.5 
Full Page (Bleed) = 7.50 X 10

Inside Covers (Bleed) = 7.5x10 
Back Cover (Bleed) 7.5x 0 

Final Page Trim Size:7.50 X 10 
Bleed Size:7.50 X 10 
Live Area:7 X 9.50 
Bleed Ads:  Add .25" to all sides.

Final book is 56-64 pgs (black ink on 50lb white offset) plus cover
(four color on 80lb white enamel/glossy, saddle-stitched).

- Ads not meeting the above standards and/or received after the art due date will incur additional charges.
-Please send ad materials by the art due date indicated in the rate sheet. 
-If you are getting the discount rate, you must send payment by the DEADLINE.

All our work is done on Apple Macintosh (Mac) only.
We use QuarkXpress 6.5 and Photoshop 7 and Photoshop CS.

If you have questions regarding electronic specs just E-mail us.

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