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UGLY PLANET is a new music culture magazine dedicated to documenting artists who support innovation, diversity, equality, justice and social introspection.  UGLY PLANET is glossy, clean and well designed, yet political, multi-ethnic, multi-genre and free!  UGLY PLANET targets politically and culturally aware music lovers  between the ages of 17-28. 

When you advertise in UGLY PLANET, people will see your ad and will associate you with our cause: the hunger and thirst for relevant music. And the idea that not all popular music is about bullshit consumerism. And that some artists still care about making a difference. It's not just Punk Rock or Hip-Hop or Metal or Folk... black or white, but all together trying to make this world more livable. Our readers are not the average music listener. They are intellingent, eclectic and in search of new and inovative material.

All advertising revenue goes right into printing and shipping. Our low rates are based on what it actually costs to make each issue. The total cost of printing and shipping divided by the amount of ad pages. 

To reserve your ad or if you have any questions,
just send us an e-mail.


Currently, Ugly Planet is on hiatus while we work on other projects.
Please contact us for more information about our next issue.

Reserve your ad, send artwork and pay
when the issue comes out.
1/4 Page  (B&W/Vertical) : 3.25”  X  4.25”  = $100

1/2 Page (B&W/Horizontal) : 4.25”  X  6.75” = $200
1/2 Page (B&W/Vertical) : 3.25”  X  9.50” = $200

Full Page (B&W/Non-bleed) : 6.75” X 9.50”  = $400
Full Page (B&W/Bleed) : 7.50” X 10”  =  $400
Page One (B&W/Bleed) 7.50” X 10”  =  $600

Inside Back Cover (Bleed) 7.25” X 10” = $900
Inside Front Cover (Bleed) 7.25” X 10”   = $900
Back Cover (Bleed) 7.25” X 10” = $1400

We a accept digital (TIFF and JPG) files (via email). 
PLEASE read our "specs for B&W digital files
before submitting your B&W art.

Back Cover and Inside COVERS only. 
We accept digital files for color ads.
Please read our Specs for 4-COLOR digital files
before submitting your 4-color art.

Bleed Size: 7.50” X 10” 
Live Area: 7” X 9.50”  
Bleed Ads:  Add .25" to all sides.
Final Page Trim Size:  7.50” X 10” 
Final book is 64 pgs (black ink on 50lb white offset) plus cover
(four color on 80lb white enamel/glossy, saddle-stitched).

The advertiser and/or agency assume responsibility to indicate the return of art work at advertiser's expense. Unless instructed, the publisher assumes no responsibility for same. Advertisers and agencies assume all responsibility for the contents and subject matter of their advertisements. The publisher reserves the right to reject an advertisement because of sub-standard appearance or because the publisher judges it to be incompatible with the magazine's best interests. 

Payment is due when you receive the final printed copy of the magazine with your ad in it. For CASH DISCOUNT RATE your payment MUST be received by the deadline (or STANDARD RATE WILL APPLY). NO EXCEPTIONS!

All advertising is accepted with the advertiser to the terms and conditions of this rate sheet.  Make check or money order payable to UGLY PLANET. 

• Make checks payable to UGLY PLANET MEDIA
We accept Pay Pal payments.

Attn: Ad Department
PO Box 205 
New York, NY 10012 

To reserve your ad, or if you have other questions,
just send us an e-mail now.