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In each issue we run reviews of music CDs (of all genres), music DVDs, documentary DVDs, comics, zines, art books and non-fiction books.
You may send your materials to:

Reviews Editor 
PO Box 205 
New York NY 10012

We do appreciate advance copies (without CD artwork). However, we do prioritize CDs sent with final art. We are a bit old school. We do consider the art and presentation as part of the whole package.

Send CD with bio ("one sheet").   If we need more info we'll ask for it. DO NOT send your CD in a folder. Folders are waste of postage and resources. A simple and clean package is most impressive. CD (with final artwork) and folded "one sheet" does the trick in most cases.  

When CDs arrive, editors share the materials with the writers. If someone (really) likes  a CD they will write a review. Our policy is to (only) review material we like.

No one makes a living out of Ugly Planet. We actually spend our own money (earned on our regular jobs) to publish Ugly Planet. This means our time and space is limited. We can not listen to everything we receive and we can't answer every inquiry. 

Questions? Read our F.A.Q. or send us an E-mail message.