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We need writers who are well knowledged  in music for reviews and some interviews. Must have very eclectic tastes (from metal, punk, hardcore, country, hip-hop,techno...whatever).  Must be able to meet deadlines. Should not say yes when you should have said no. And  consider his/herself to be somewhat of a lefty/socialist/non-conformist.

If you are a writer who (fits the above qualities and) would like to contribute, please drop us a line. Send photo copies of your work samples to our PO BOX.  We want to see any reviews or interviews you've written. If you have never done music before just write two reviews of the last two cds you really enjoyed. Reviews should be no longer than 100 words each.

You should know that all our money gets spent on printing and shipping. So, we can't afford to pay for any contributions.  You do get nice tear sheets, free cds and other promo materials and the satisfaction that you are doing it for "the cause."

Help Wanted
PO Box 205
New York NY 10012

Do not send e-mail attachments! You may send links directing us to your work (on-line) or  send photo copies of samples via regular mail. 

Sorry, but we are not looking for new Photographers or illustrators.